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Made with our high quality meat block of Picnics (from below the Boston Butt) and Beef. Using the freshest meats and Whole Seasonings allows for consistent flavor. This yields light brown edges after cooking producing distinct flavors.


Collagen Cased Pepperoni are sliced with the edible collagen casing still on the product. This allows the casing to shrink during cooking making the slices cup up. These pepperoni take on a Bacon-like crisp which is quite unique in both flavor and appearance.


Ezzo Supreme Special (SS)


Burns charcoal black around the edges and boasts a slightly hotter seasoning. This pepperoni, developed for Buffalo, NY, is very popular for its exceptional look and flavor . Again the base meat block is key to product consistency.

The Signature cup and burn item that everyone should try.


Products stuffed in fibrous casings are stripped off before slicing. This allows the pepperoni to lay flat on the pizza. Most popular pepperoni sizes are fibrous 53mm and dry to 45mm in diameter. Ezzo Italian makes several sizes to meet differing market needs.


We refer to the casing size we stuff and offer three sizes: 84mm, 53mm, and 44mm


Ezzo Pepperoni and Salami Product Line

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